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Supplier (manufacturer, distributor, importer) for 6 months may offer up to 50 products (chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate products and finished goods) in our database free of charge (registration required). - Talk to us.
Payment Terms
  • Payable for each year in advance.
  • Graduated prices for higher number of users on request.
  • Above mentioned prices are net prices, payable plus VAT.

  • Invoices
  • The invoices you receive by email.
  • Our invoices have a qualified electronic signature.
  • Such invoices owning a qualified electronic signature you may transmit to your local tax authorities in Germany, for example, to refund the VAT or consideration of operating expenses.

  • Notice of Termination
  • Notice of termination not later than every 3 months before the expiration of 12 months.

  • For SPAM combat we reject FREE MAILER addresses, whenever seen.
  • Limitations
    Datasets marked as a favorite to a maximum of 99 matches per search as structured CSV file can be downloaded.
    Systematic downloading our databases is prohibited.
    We limit the number of the favorites at 20% of datasets per each of the assistants:
    For example, in case of dgsa Assistant 20% of datasets synchronized with the Hazardous table of the Orange Book as the relevant source law.
    If you wish a higher rate contact us, please. An in-house implementation of parts of our databases can be useful.

    Interested in monitoring your lists of substances with regard to legal changes?
    Interested in the implementation of our in-house databases?
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