dr-kappa services ltd

.... founded in 2007 as independent enterprise by Dr. Wilfried Kappa (see: actual CV) .

Decades of experience in the Chemical Industry in the areas of Product Safety, Environment Protection and Dangerous Goods Transport as background.

According to our slogan "extracting essentials" we extract the data from the laws and regulations relevant to the fields chemistry, pharmacy and transport.

Marketing Assistant

  • With our b2b marketplace every enterprise is raised up and participating to Global Market without the need to know the foreign language(s).
  • By linking the product description - merely in own native language - with our multilingual database(s), supplier enlarges potential customers to Global Market without language barriers any longer.
  • Vice versa, potential customer(s) do not need to know the language(s) of all the supplier(s) from the different countries, i.e. even without knowing English or so.

  • GHS Assistant

  • With the Global Harmonized System hazardous chemical substances are classified and labeled according to the international standards.
  • Nevertheless, ongoing region-specific differences are shown (European Union: CLP´s) and presented user-friendly (European Union: CLP´s).
  • Our tool SCOUT is bridging Hazardous Substance Classification with Dangerous Goods Classification..
  • dgsa - Dangerous Goods Safety Assistant

  • Periodical updates of the UN Orange Book including ongoing standization try to improve safety and security during Transport of Dangerous Goods.
  • Despite UN standards, ongoing regulatory differences by technical (transport mode), economical (e.g. US versus EU), or historical (language) reasons hinder compliance at mentioned transfer points.
  • By our cross-lingual assistants - including mobile availability of the detailed legal text behind the respective coding - we facilitate interface processes minimizing errors in your daily work.
  • Terminology Assistant

  • Naturally, our databases offer for professional translators for legally compliant translation by specifying the source of law.
  • Because in our databases, the database search returns clear results within a very high speed, we are expanding our assistants for conference interpreters.